HKJ – Future Investment into Real Lives

Hal Jordan and Harold K. Jordan & Co., Inc. receives a personal thank you note from Tracy Howe, COO of the YMCA of the Triangle Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina Area. HKJ recently finished up the Beacon Ridge Apartments owned by DHIC that is adjacent to the Southeast Raleigh YMCA. This project consists of 120 Tax Credit units and adds to the affordable housing inventory in Raleigh.

“Thank you so much for your gift of 25K to invest in families that will live in the housing you built! You are and have been always generous to the YMCA – very thankful. Know that your investment is an investment in real lives and through the YMCA – will have a transformational experience!!”, Tracy Howe wrote.

HKJ continues to find ways to donate, assist, and help non-profits like the YMCA and DHIC to improve and strengthen local communities. Thank you DHIC and the YMCA for allowing us to play a role in building an enriched community.